The Show


Enigma means riddle or puzzle. It is also the name of the electro mechanical encryption machine used by the German Military during World War 2 to code and decode messages. Like with the Enigma machine, we need the right codes to understand what is directing us. Enigma, with music by Mathias Friis-Hansen, layers powerful, beautiful and sensual duets as the dancers strive to understand each other.

“The images from Rushton’s choreographic riddle burn into one’s memory… you become tickled and curious.” Information


CaDance is an exciting testosterone-fuelled competition between the five male dancers, driven by Andy Pape’s thrilling score performed live onstage by two drummers. It is a game where, like convicts in a prison yard strutting and posing, they challenge each other. Their bodies are like drumsticks; with minor, precise and bone-dry movements they wait for each other – and then in a split second they attack.

“Raw desperado choreography, full of testosterone, aggression and despair right to the edge of self destruction. An extremely strong and shocking work by Tim Rushton.” Weekendavisen

“Tim Rushton’s dances strike like a thunderclap.” The Boston Globe


Kridt, which translates as ‘Chalk’, is based on Peteris Vasks’s exquisite suite for strings Musica Adventus and the texts of Ecclesiastes. In it we see a man on the verge of death remembering his life, loves and losses, as told by the men and women he has known. This beautiful and powerful dance received the most acclaimed Danish theatre award, the Reumert prize for ‘Best Dance Production of the Year 2005’.

“One of those breathtaking moments for which every dance fan hopes.” Boston Herald

“Tim Rushton’s choreographic works become more intense, provocative and courageous. In this universe of pumping muscles and hard-core energy, he opens us up to the vulnerability and relieves the pain. Absolutely beautiful.” Information (Denmark)