Whilst in the UK the company will be leading workshops alongside their tour. All workshops will be taught by current company members, and consist of a contemporary warm-up, followed by repertoire.  The repertoire may be selected from excerpts of material from DDT’s current touring programme, Enigma, CaDance, and Kridt, all choreographed by Tim Rushton.

Beginners Workshop Description

The workshops for the beginner’s level dance students will focus on the technical, artistic, and creative skills of the dancer.  Each workshop will consist of the following sections:

Warm-up (30 minutes)

The class will begin with a warm-up that contains exercises that hone the dancers technical skill, and address strength and flexibility.

Repertory movement from Kridt (30 minutes)

The repertory constituent will highlight section of Rushton’s Kridt, with identifiable excerpts from the performance (floor phrase, gesturephrase, large travelling phrase, jumps).

Creative task (30 minutes)

The creative task will be based on the ‘mapping out of the body’, which occurs in Kridt. Students will begin by using chalk [only with prior approval by the host] to outline other shapes on the floor, which will evolve into standing shapes. These shapes will be adapted from a 2 dimensional image of the body, into 3 dimensional images that move in space.  From there, the students will have the opportunity to create a short choreography based on their interpretations of their body outlines.

Workshops can be tailored for particular requirements and are suitable for students aged 15+ (GCSE level +) as well as older students and professional dancers. However advance notice of the intended participants must be provided to ensure maximum suitability and benefit.

Intermediate / Advanced / Professional Artist Workshop

The intermediate / advanced workshops provided by Danish Dance Theatre will focus on the exploration of the physical capabilities of the performer, inherent in Tim Rushton’s work, as well as highlighting phrasing and musicality within the movement vocabulary.  Furthermore, the workshop classes wish to develop an individual dancer’s movement potential, in regards to dynamic range and technical prowess, described in the repertoire of DDT.

The level of the class will be for intermediate-advanced students, with a strong background in classical and contemporary techniques.  However, all workshops can be modified for the group of participants.

Workshop Duration: 1hr 30mins
Max Capacity:
£160 + VAT and local travel
wooden floor, preferably sprung, CD player / input for iPod, size of space is negotiable but needs to be approximately 10m x 10m for a maximum of 25 participants.
To book workshops:
If you are interested in any of these workshops, or would like more information about Danish Dance Theatre’s UK tour, please contact Claire Soper at Dance Touring Partnership, email: