Resource Pack

Resource PackA FREE Danish Dance Theatre resource pack is available to teachers and students for download.

Interviews with Tim Rushton, dancers and other collaborators
Background on company and work
Suggestions for creative movement tasks

DOWNLOAD the resource pack here (PDF, 2.7MB)

Particularly of interest to teachers and students studying dance at GCSE / A Level or BTEC level

Lucy Moewlyn-Hughes, DTP’s Education Consultant has worked with Tim Rushton [Artistic Director / Choreographer], the dancers and creative collaborators of Danish Dance Theatre to create a comprehensive and accessible resource guide with interviews, background information and suggestions for creative movement tasks.

Due the style of the company’s work, this will be a great introduction to dance as the three pieces provide a huge bank of practical material from which students can extract / copy ideas. There is plenty of scope to write a section breakdown (using syllabus criteria below) on each piece discussing:

  • Movement content
  • Visual setting
  • Auditory setting

The last two are particularly relevant as the works use very arresting lighting designs and there is a live music element for CaDance.

Excerpts from Kridt by Tim Rushton