Hilary Briggs, Company Manager & Daniel E. Roberts, Rehearsal Director

The next stop is…

So that was Oxford! It was brilliant!
We had 2 shows at The Oxford Playhouse and the audience for both of those was fantastic. Thank you for coming to see us! Thank you also to the theatre crew and staff for making us feel very welcome. And thank you to Terri – you gave a great tour of the city! See Daniels blog for photo proof!

Now we have arrived in Coventry and the next stop is – Warwick Arts Centre. The crew will be setting the stage up tomorrow but the dancers have a day off before they go into the theatre on Tuesday.

I will also take a little break now…



We made it!

DDT has officially crossed the North Sea, and arrived in Oxford.  We’ve had a lovely time so far….it’s cold, but nice clear skies.

Danish Dance Theatre in OxfordWe enjoyed walking around the city today on a guided tour of the university, and of course, stopped off for some scones and clotted cream.  We’re all looking forward to our UK premiere tomorrow evening of the mixed program.

Hope to see you there.
– Daniel

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We are off!

So now we are off! Tomorrow we fly to England!
Just finishing the last jobs in the office and then home to pack.
I can hardly believe that we are finally on our way. It’s a good feeling and so exciting!
Well no time to say much more except – looking forward to our first performance on Friday in Oxford.

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Happy New Year!

I hope the start of 2011 has been good to you so far.

We are now back into the swing of rehearsals and organizing the last arrangements before we travel to Oxford in 2 weeks time. The dancers are very excited about the tour. We are rehearsing the performance on stage here in Copenhagen for both the dancers and the technical crew this week before the stage equipment has to be shipped off to England. Everything has to be checked, and double checked.

In the office we are also checking, and double checking, bookings for hotels and transport. Was our Christmas break just last week?! It already feels a long way away…. There has been a lot to do this week!

I will sign off now and get back to the organizing.


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Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Hi! Hilary Briggs here. I am the company manager for Danish Dance Theatre’s tour to the UK.

The rehearsal director, Daniel Roberts, has already introduced himself, so I thought it about time that I got started and said ‘Hi’. The dancers have just begun their Christmas holiday. It is a well earned break after a busy schedule since the summer. In the office we are putting together the last details for the UK tour.

We had our company Christmas party a week ago or ‘Julefrokost’ as they call it in Danish … which was a lot of fun! There was loads of tasty Danish festive food to be eaten. There was also just enough schnapps to go around. Haha! The Danes like to take a shot… or 2… of schnapps with their first course of raw herring. It may sound dodgy, but actually both the herring and the schnapps taste pretty good! Experience talking here.

As Daniel said, we are very much looking forward to our tour to the UK and I am especially excited to be back home for a while.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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See you very soon

Hello..Daniel Roberts here, rehearsal director for Danish Dance Theater.

Hilary Briggs, company manager, and myself, will be updating the blog as the tour proceeds (with the occasional input from the dancers and their experiences on the road). The company is rehearsing it ‘s mixed program of ENIGMA, CaDance, and KRIDT, back home in Copenhagen, after a recent tour to Helsinki, where the program was very well received.

We are really looking forward to presenting this show to UK audiences! See you very soon!

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