Just two more performances

Suddenly it is so close to the end if the tour! Just 2 performances in Sheffield to do before we fly back to Copenhagen.

Newcastle surprised me… it was not only a ‘party town’, but also a town with some beautiful buildings and a great waterfront along the river Tyne. I thought it was wonderful to see the many different Bridges crossing the water and how the Tyne Bridge merged in with the surrounding buildings so it seemed that the houses just managed to fit in under its arches.

Our performances went well at The Northern Stage and the team there were excellent, so thank you to them.

Thanks also to Sune, our technician, for cooking a meal for Daniel, Kim, David, Mathias and myself last night. Also thanks to Kim for the appetizer. My wish came true and somebody else did cook for me!! J We started with mozzarella and tomato salad and then had a tasty pasta dish with chicken and bacon in a cream sauce. Not bad!

We did experience a little bit of the night life of Newcastle…then I realized that I was way too overdressed…. So I went home to bed… This was definitely not a case of: ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’!!!!!

I met up with friend who I hadn’t seen in 11 years! Thanks for making the trip Rupert, really good to see you. And glad you enjoyed the show.

Now that we have been on tour for 5 weeks I thought it would be nice to hear what a couple of the dancers had thought about being here in the UK. I guess I am curious to know what it has been like for them to see all these places for the first time and, as foreigners, what their take on the Brits has been.

I asked Adi and Bjørn, while we were on the coach travelling to Sheffield, if they thought it had been a good tour so far. They both agreed that it’d been a very good tour, interesting to see a lot of different places and really have a chance to experience the UK and the culture. Bjørn has lived in London while doing his dance training so for him London is made up of many different countries and now, he said, he has had a chance to see the rest of the country in all its glory! He said that each new place had had a different energy to the last, which had been fun and interesting to experience. For Adi it is the first time over here and she told me that she really liked it J

‘The audiences have been warm and responsive and we felt appreciated as a group’, Bjørn told me. Adi said that the tour has been good for the group and that she felt they were really well connected now, which feels good. That was nice to hear J

After such a long time on the road, were they looking forward to going home; back to Copenhagen? Swedish Bjørn, who is a fan of the city, is looking forward to it because he feels it will be good for both body and mind to be back in one place again. He also misses to prepare and cook his own food, as he says ‘English food is not the best’! That’s a bit cheeky Bjørn!! Adi is still new to Denmark and Copenhagen, so because it is not yet home for her so she couldn’t really say if she was looking forward to it… but Israel, she said, she would always look forward to going home to!

As to a favourite place and theatre, it seems that town of Brighton and The Grand Opera House in Belfast were the top two on the list.

Bjørn told me that his favourite part of the tour so far had been when we all went out as a group in Stirling to the local nightclub and where we were all ‘shaking those hips’. Also to experience the Scottish wedding party that was also there was quite a treat! I have also been hearing them all saying that Edinburgh was a beautiful city and how they are all hoping that we get to come back on tour there! Bjørn added that he thought it was one of the prettiest cities in Europe, with interesting architecture in the differences between old and new, and with a great vibe to the city.

Now we are in Sheffield and we start with a day off. So that includes me, as it is Daniel’s turn to wash the costumes!

Bye for now



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