Newcastle and Nottingham

Newcastle is our next port of call and we have arrived to blue skies and the sun shining. Not bad!

This time we are not staying in a hotel but in apartments. It’s great to have a kitchen again and it’s especially welcome at this point on the trip. Still hoping though, that someone else will do the cooking for me! It’s easy to get lazy about food when on tour.

I have been washing the costumes at the theatre this afternoon while Daniel went with Alessandro and Milou to do a workshop at Dance City. And Daniel has just told me it went well :-) The folks working at the The Northern Stage theatre have been very friendly and helpful to me today and we all have a little ‘meet and greet’ with them tomorrow.

We travelled from Nottingham this morning. Our second show there had a lot of young people in the audience, which was very nice. They usually give a slightly more ‘upbeat’ feel to the applause!!! 😉

Dinner time for me now.
Hope to see you Friday or Saturday for our performances.


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