Stirling and meeting old friends

Well that was a long travel day! We left Stirling at 11.15am and arrived at our hotel in Nottingham at about 6.15pm. But despite how long it took I found myself, while sitting on the coach listening to music, enjoying looking at the British countryside once again. It has been many years since I have had the chance to travel through England and even longer since I have seen Scotland in this way. It was beautiful and I am inspired to spend more time in the countryside, perhaps to return for a holiday in the near future?

Anyway enough about that…

Our shows in Stirling were good. The audience seemed to have enjoyed them. And I even bumped into someone I was friends with at The Royal Ballet school – She said it had been 18 years since we had last seen one another! I was very surprised to see someone I know in Stirling- I never realised I knew anybody up there!!!

We also had some of the dancers from the Rambert Dance Company come to watch the second show. They had been performing in Edinburgh and we had been over to see their show a couple of nights before. One of the pieces which Rambert performed was a creation by Tim so he invited us all over to watch. Thanks Tim! We had a very nice time looking around Edinburgh, a beautiful city, and it was an inspiration to see the excellent dancers perform. Thanks to them for making the trip over to see us on their free day :-) And it was obviously my week for seeing people I had hadn’t seen in ages because I also had a chance to see and talk (and we did a lot of that in the short time allowed!) with another friend who is one of the rehearsal leaders for Rambert. We haven’t seen one another in about 7 years. It was great to meet up again:-)

After the second show, we organised for all of us to eat at an Italian restaurant, La Cucina, in Bridge of Allan, just opposite our hotel. It turned into a very fun night with one of the Italian waiters showing us the night life of Bridge of Allan, starting with the listening to a singer at the local pub and then moving onto the local discotheque. Lots of men in kilts!… there was a wedding party also dancing the night away.

Now we will be performing at The Nottingham Playhouse on Tuesday and Wednesday. Come and see our show :-)

Bye for now


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