Belfast – fantastic!

Although Daniel is lagging behind me in the blog writing I have decided to be cheeky and write again while he is out! Sorry Daniel… we can laugh about it on the coach later!

After the show this evening we all met up at the hotel to go out on the town. We have a late check out of the hotel later today…  😉 But it wasn’t until we had walked a fair way when some of us realized that we weren’t heading for a place to eat, but a gay bar. Some of us were starving so we decided to split into 2 groups so that we could find some food. Milou took initiative, after our first try was unsuccessful, and asked a waitress who was cleaning up after her days work about a place to eat. She recommended a Chinese place which is open til 3am! Great… we would be able to eat something. When we were done eating we tried to get hold of the others. No answer, obviously too loud in the bar! But our cab driver was great and drove us to a gay club that was open til 3am as he was sure that we would find the rest of the gang there. Sure enough just as we were arriving Daniel calls me to say that they are on their way to the very same place we are heading to. Nice timing! Thanks Mr. taxi driver :-)

Now it’s 1.30am and I am back after trying to have a boogie at the club, amid the many people – quite surprising for a Tuesday night I thought. But perhaps it’s not so surprising and that’s just me showing my age! I came back to the hotel together with Adi and Milou – we left the others to make a night of it.

But back to our day at The Grand Opera House in Belfast: Fantastic! Thank to you everyone working there: you were all so professional, helpful and welcoming.  And thank you to a wonderful audience. It really was a great experience… And what a beautiful building. The dancers were excited to be performing in such a place. Erik joined the Kridt cast in the show, which means that Luca gets a break from his role. For the rest of the tour it is Alessandro who moves into the role of the ‘dying man’.

We also had the musician Mathias Friis-Hansen back together with us after 2 weeks away. There are 3 musicians involved in the tour, but only 2 needed for the piece ‘Cadance’ at a time. I asked Mathias what he had been doing in the weeks he had not been with us and he told me that he had been sick! It has been going around. Most of the dancers have also been suffering with fevers during this tour. I am hoping that we have seen the end of it now. Welcome back to Mathias F-H and we say thank you and goodbye to Mathias Reumert. Mathias R played his last show with us last night. From now on David Hildebrandt will be back with us. It was fun to have you on board Mathias… say Hi to Copenhagen!

Ok, now we are getting ready to fly to Scotland. Stirling here we come! Hope to see you there.



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