Brighton, Salford, Copenhagen and Belfast

Brighton was great and our audiences were brilliant. We also had a very good Post Show Discussion, which Tim was part of.

After our second show we were invited for some food and drinks by Tim at a friend’s flat. Thank you! It was a very nice evening :-)

We had a long travel day after that up to Salford, which is where we are now. I have never been to Salford or The Lowry before and I was excited to come here. The theatre is really nice. We are performing at The Quays Theatre inside The Lowry. It is an ingenious theatre, which one of the technicians told me is built from the top down and can change to be made almost any way you would want. It can be lowered or raised, the stage and the seats can be moved so that performances can also be shown in the round. And many more possibilities. Very cool!

Last night was our first show, which I think went very well. Our Post Show Discussion was also very good and it seemed that the people who stayed were very satisfied with the show.

We are flying back to Copenhagen tomorrow (very early!!!) for the weekend before we are in Belfast performing on Tuesday. We also have a workshop on Monday evening at The Baby Grand in the Opera House in Belfast.



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