The next stop is…

So that was Oxford! It was brilliant!
We had 2 shows at The Oxford Playhouse and the audience for both of those was fantastic. Thank you for coming to see us! Thank you also to the theatre crew and staff for making us feel very welcome. And thank you to Terri – you gave a great tour of the city! See Daniels blog for photo proof!

Now we have arrived in Coventry and the next stop is – Warwick Arts Centre. The crew will be setting the stage up tomorrow but the dancers have a day off before they go into the theatre on Tuesday.

I will also take a little break now…



  • I was lucky enough to be in the Oxford Audience on January 22nd. The technical ability of the dancers was without question, such timing! A joy to see. The reason for me doing this (and I don’t normally) is because I have never been so moved by a dance peice as I was by the final peice in the programme; and I have been watching contemporary dance since 1968. Your sublime correography totally captured the essence of a person dying in a deeply moving way and for me was multi – layered and your dancers were totally present in the peice and conveyed fully elements of dying which I beleive could not be expressed more fluently or richly in any other medium than dance. Thank you so much. I loved the 2nd peice too; again precision dancing at it’s best – Please come again soon.

    Patricia Mason, 25th January 2011

  • Fantastic show on Friday! Great audience responses. Really good to hear the dancers talk after the show about how they approach the work.

    Claire, 24th January 2011